A Caribbean Artist

Welcome to your home away from home. I’ll be sharing visual representations of my culture and what art means to me. I am Gafra and come share my journey.



Colour Typography Abstracts

9x12 white circles on black.jpg

Acrylic Abstracts on Canvas Panels, created based on the power of the meaning that particular colour had on my at that time. What does this colour represent emotionally?

Pen Mandalas

Elephant Ear Mandala.png

A Mandala is very intricate but beautiful. It’s complexity is what makes it stand out. Here I’ve used shapes as the outline for my Mandalas to give them more meaning and depth.

Professional Planners

Elegant Time Management Planner www.etsy.com/shop/teaprint/

Artisitic creation comes in many forms. For me one form is creating printable planners for the professional person who needs help to manage their time, their team members and even solve problems, without the headache of having to develop forms to plan. These can help you handle any plan.


This is the perfect place to get your affordable watercolour, abstract and planner prints, without having to search everywhere!”

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Shop in my store for all your products with my art

Shop in my store for all your products with my art