The Truth About Passive Income

The Truth About Passive Income. How easy is it really? Hmmmmm I experienced somethung different.

Hi everyone...since I started my blog I've been enjoying writing and sharing my thoughts and feelings. But I kept seeing everywhere how you can make a passive income by registering with different site etc. There is a barrage of people talking about how you can work from home and make at least one hundred dollars working from home by doing X OR Y OR Z and I have to say I fell into it. I bought into it until I started trying to get into these sites where you are supposed to be able to make an income. They made it sound easy to do.

The Youtubers who push these sites are so believable and pull you in with the right words but I've discovered that there is a lot they don't tell you. I noticed though that some are starting to putting disclaimers or verbalising disclaimers about the fact that you have to put in the time and the effort. But it's not as EASY as they make it out to be and I got really annoyed when I tried to "get into this passive income groove" and encountered allot of stumbling blocks. So let me deal with the different sites and what I encountered.

Oh and I have to say that I don't know if it's because I'm from the Caribbean, so is it that we are blocked from these sites. Don't understand that, because since you've placed this on the virtual world platform, then anyone should be able to join. And it's being driven by these people who say they want to help others make money but they fail to mention that some of these sites are for Americans only. I started to think that maybe they were affiliates of most of these sites and the more clicks they can get the more money they were making. Or is it a case of - they get paid to push these sites. I'm beginning to wonder and so after trying a few there are only probably 3 out of the 27 that I checked out really worked and even will take a lonnnnngggg time to even make $25.00

Th different sites mentioned were:

  1. Fiverr - never bothered to try

  2. Clickbank - easy to use. Like this

  3. TranscribeMe - didn't pass the tests

  4. Max Bounty

  5. Legendary

  6. Text Broker

  7. Swagbucks

  8. One Poll

  9. Global Text Market

  10. Yoola

  11. JV Zoo - plan to leave this one

  12. eBATES

  13. iSurvey World

  14. Earnably - didn't bother to try this one

  15. My Survey

  16. Upworks - leaving this. There seems to be an issue with my region.

  17. Yoonla

  18. Shopstyle

  19. Flippa

  20. Shutter Stock

  21. Insta GC - registered and I like the quizs. No money yet. 

  22. Google Adsense - placed on my blogs so waiting to see

  23. Survey Junkies

  24. Income Shift Pro - Not comfortable so will not do this

  25. Vindale Research

  26. Paribus

  27. Micro Workers - making cents for doing tasks that for me are uncomfortable.



All the site that are crossed out  - its because I couldn't get in, which means they either don't link with my part of the world or I just couldn't register due to the region I am from or I needed a Social Security number or a US address. Some of them didn't even have a drop down for different that was a RED FLAG IMMEDIATELY.


Those that are in bold, I was able to get in and register but the jobs are sooooo odd. OK Let me explain what I mean.


On this site you make 10 cents doing things where you end up logged into sites you're not even interested in or you have to comment on sites you know nothing about and then you're getting constant emails from these sites you've joined and you have to prove to microworkers that you signed into the relevant site,  so you have to stay on the site as a member for a period then later you can unsubscribe. Maybe 2 days later but by then you  end up getting mail from them, that clogs your mailbox, then when enough time has passed then you can unsubscribe. Only one site I stayed with because it was interesting. So you have to do ALLOT of these itty bitty jobs just to make $1.00. Not sure it's worth it so I will most likely not continue there.


This is pushed for those who like to write and you're home so why not make some money...blah, blah, blah. So I love to write so I registered, but what they fail to tell you is that it isn't easy to get onto the site and easily start transcribing and making the $100 a week. You have a few tests to complete and 3 Audios to transcribe and all 3 take at least an hour (or more) each and you must make a score of 100%......WTFudge....I tried it ......TWICE!!!. I made 100% on the first 4 tests , 96% with the first audio and 93% on the other 2 audios and I didn't get in. I was registered as failed and could take the tests again within a few months. NO IT'S NOT AS EASY AS THEY MAKE IT OUT TO BE...That shit got me annoyed and pissed. Yes you do have to take the time at the different jobs but...goodness...WTFudge!!!!


With all of these - I either couldn't register with them or when I got in they kept saying there weren't any surveys available at the moment.


The sites where...yes....I can say that I've been able to actually do some surveys, and even enjoy them a bit....BUT I HAVEN'T MADE ANY MONEY FROM YET...because you have to quite a few every day.....are sites like:

  • Clickbank

  • Insta GC

  • Google Adsense

and unlike these people who say allot but leave out salient information...JVZoo has some really interesting affiliates that I am very interested in promoting because I like their products and I did my research on them but everytime I click to promote, they request that I say something about myself to the owner then wait for approval from the owner to be able to promote their product....WTFudge!!!!!....OK!.... To hell with that..... I'm sorry I want to make money but I'm not going to beg you to promote your product.

OK. Yes I understand that they need to know that the person is "ligit" and not trying something on them but Clickbank doesn't have that so what's the issue. And yes I may not have 300,000 followers on my blog but I don't put shit on my blog just to sell like everyone else seems to be doing. If I mention or talk about something it's because I like the product, use it myself or I believe in it because I'v tried it or something close to it, but I guess people are very cautious, it's just that I'm getting a little bit fed-up of visiting people's blogs and all you find is that they re-direct you to a bunch of affiliate links...and I mean a bunch...almost every other line or 2 has a link in it.....UHHHHHH!!!!!!! I don't mind the selling, I do a bit myself but good god not so much!!!

So after listening to so many of those youtube videos and falling prey to their talk I've learned that not all that they sell is as easy as they make it out to be and you have to check them out before you sign up, and if you see It's a no go then UNSUBSCRIBE  and find another way to monetize your blog or website. There are other ways. Do like I do and research, research, research!!! Because I understand that everyone is trying to make a living so go for it but...please people.... tell me the full story so I don't waste my time, because I know they make money from all of us going to their youtube videos to get the info so.........

I needed to "vent" my opinion and share what I noticed. Hope I didn't offend anyone and even if I did well too bad. We all live and learn as I have with these bogus passive income jobs. Later people.

The Truth About Passive Income.

P.S - OK!! After this post I went back to youtube and I found Kat who shared some much better online jobs and she indicates those that are for internationals and those that aren't. Well done my dear. She mentioned Beta testing sites, earlibird sites, parenting sites etc. I liked her and when I went into the sites they were cool., so you can go listen to her and judge for yourself. Let me know what you think. AND NO!!! I ain't no affiliate with her. (roll eyes).


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