Shating a pic that was shared online. Some things were displaced in this store

Shating a pic that was shared online. Some things were displaced in this store

Hello everyone. I don't normally do a second post in one week but I just had to share this. Trinidad &Tobago had one of its strongest quakes ever on Tuesday. It was a 6.9 and lasted about 3 minutes. It was scary as heck although I have to confess when it started I was at home with my family. I was upstairs with my husband when it started. We normally just sit still until it passes but this time it was rough so we crouched near the bed,  but my main thought was to try to protect the TV from we thought is was finished it started up again but worst, so we moved to the doorway.

People when it finally stopped I immediately rushed downstairs to find out how my girls were (my 3 daughters were downstairs). Only to find them at the front door with one in her towel ( she was taking a shower when it happened). Everyone was fine but the electricity was gone and you cpuldn't make any calls. I tried to call my mom who lives alone. You realise from an experience like this how inconsequential and helpless we humans are if nature wants to take revenge. I say revenge because humans have been disrespecting the environment and nature, so its paying us back for that. We really need to treat the earth better. Stop the poisoning of the seas, polluting the atmosphere and the land.

So blessedly there were no fatalities and only small damages to buildings and cars but there was an aftershock yesterday and they say we can expect an even bigger tremor sometime. We are powerless against something like that but we can try to be prepared. But Trinis have short memories. They will be partying as usual in 2 weeks and would have forgotten all about this scare. Not sure if our happy go lucky attitude is a good thing or not but it is our reality.


So thats the story. A shake up in Trinidad but we are resilient and nothing takes our joy. Chat next week. If anything else happens I will let you know. Later!! What we need to do.