The Economic Downturn

The Economic Downturn (g).png

Hi guys....yes I'm actually going to go into a topic like this because this is the reality we are facing in my country. Things are not as they used to be. We no longer have oil to give us the billions that we used to receive and we never too the time, after all these years, to develop our tourism to the point where we can compete with Islands like Barbados or St Thomas.

Our former President did have a vision. Mr. Manjing was striving to make Trinidad the New York of the Caribbean. The Industrial giant if the Caribbean. The business hub of the Islands but that dream died with him and with the next Government things went from bad to worse and now they are taking every attempt to build back the country and pay off all the debt we were drowning in.

It's a hard road but the bright spot is that with every negative there is a positive. The way the economy is forced people to become innovatively creative. To find businesses they can earn some extra cash and that to me brings out the creative side of people. We have local crafts people selling their items in up markets.

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The upmarket themselves are money makers for those who organize them and we see the millenials are becoming entrepreneurs and not just workers. The one black spot right now though is the high criminal activities between rival gangs and sometimes the innocent bystander get hurt.

The government is making every attempt to stall the crime but that is difficult and will take a lot of organising and structure and will entail also weeding out the criminals within the police force itself. This is what they are trying to do right now, not sure how successful they will be but at least they're making an attempt. Don't get me wrong, we are listed really highly. Trinidad and Tobago is the wealthiest country in the Caribbean as well as the third richest country by GDP (PPP) per capita in the Americas after the United States and Canada.

Energy production and downstream industrial use dominate the economy. Oil and gas typically account for about 40% of GDP and 80% of exports but less than 5% of employment. Trinidad and Tobago is home to one of the largest natural gas liquefaction facilities in the Western Hemisphere. In 2011, the OECD removed the Caribbean nation from its list of developing countries and upgraded the islands to the status of developed. ... The poverty level in Trinidad and Tobago is actually lower than Israel - which is a fully-developed, OECD country.



However, theft and violent crimes remain prevalent to this date, while crime and the perception of crime continues to hamper the economic prospects of the city. Laventille has some of the highest crime rates inTrinidad and Tobago, with drugs, gangs, and murders being the main problem in this community. There is a gap between the rich and poor in Trinidad and Tobago, and theft is common on the island of Trinidad, but Tobago is more traditionally touristy and has many beach resorts that are generally considered safe, but as with all countries, caution is still recommended, especially after dark.

So what do we have now, a country that is an amazing place to live with it's gorgeous terrain, friendly people, lovely climate and fabulous food but it's being messed up be a minority that are greedy and want power, a few who use Trinidad & Tobago as a transfer point for guns due to our location and lastly we are affected by those who look for justice and fairness but go about it the wrong way. Again it is unfortunate.

But one great thing about Trinidad & Tobago is that it is filled with praying people and the islands are named after the Holy Trinity, the father, son and Holy Spirit, so there is always hope and we have faith that Our Country will be made better at some point. The world is going crazy, there are things happening in other countries that baffle the mind and there are things going on we can't even begin to comprehend. I for one prefer to stay in my little Island and enjoy my people and my simple life and pray that God looks after the innocent.

I hope you all are not going through difficult times in your country and if you are find a way to stay hopeful and happy. Later people and see you later.