The Landscape challenge

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Hi guys…I was reading Tara Leaver….AGAIN!… when she talked about making more consistent art. She challenged us to an exercise to help us deal with the inconsistency problem, in a manageable way that also sets you on the path to developing a series, to prove that you can do one. This was the challenge:

Seven days to create art with a single focus. Got something you’ve been wanting to explore a bit more deeply? This is the perfect opportunity.

The challenge is open to all visual artists – you can paint, draw, knit, sculpt, sew, make jewellery, or whatever you like. I recommend keeping the concept and process fairly small so you don’t overwhelm yourself or make it impossible to keep going.

The project I took was to paint small landscapes for 93 days. It was fairly simple and I decided to let it be very loose and almost abstract. I painted however I was feeling at that point. So these were my steps.



So I started by finding a small watercolour painting book. Mine is 9x12 but you can get something smaller like 10x10. Tape all the edges with maskin tape to allow the piece to have a border as this gives it a better look when you’ve finished, plus it allows for framing.


Once you’ve taped the edges, then pull out the watercolours or watercolour pencils, your brushes (choose only 2), have your water close by, you can also have a bottle with white or black paint and finally decide on the colours you’re going to use. I picked viridian green, lavender and light green.

Have all your tools ready and prepared.

Above is my watercolour palette, brushes and watercolour pencils.


Don’t think about what you’re going to do just MOVE! Take up a brush, let your senses guide you, dip into the first colour and paint however you feel, then take the second colour and do the same. I felt like doing a simple wash of each colour one above the other.

I felt for a simple wash with one colour on top of the other.And I let it run.

This is what it looks like so far. I’ll continue tomorrow and post the next steps, but see below some of the other miniature landscapes I did days before, one per day.

Green Field

Green Field

Blue Mountains

Blue Mountains

Watercolour Palms

Watercolour Palms

I’ll show some of the others when I post my next steps for the landscape done above.