Technology and Art, Is it For Us or....?

Technology and Art, is it for Us or not?

Technology and Art, is it for Us or not?

Hi everyone...what a topic!!! I brought this up because...OMG!!! Technology is the baum...I pity the people who avoid it, are afraid of it or don't believe in it. How can they not? I can understand their slant, in that it does take away the power of personal interactions with all these gadgets, but it is also so powerful and fun.

I say this because I have been trying to use social media to get my artwork out there and be seen. I tried the marketplace sites like Etsy, Shopify, Ebay, Big Cartel etc. etc. but nothing happened. I wondererd if I was doing something wrong so I've been doing a lot of reading and research on the topic. I recently read a few books that were quite good. Check the list at the end.

The end result is that I've hired my younger daughter to manage my social media...instagram and facebook. I deal with twitter and tumblr myself for now. I also recently, like this weekend, registered on zazzle, redbubble and society6. I'm looking to see how these work out and if any sales are made. But my topic today was all about how much fun I had placing my artwork on different items.

I was so into it I spent most of my Sunday (while my husband went golf) to play around with my artwork on different products. SO MUCH FUN!!!! 

It did however force me to go back to the quality of my photos where the pixel quality was too low. I discovered how to increase the quality and thats what I mean. When you are a person who likes technology and is open to playing and experimenting and taking a chance even when you're not sure what you're doing. You figure it out or get help or go on I prevailed and found a way. It made me also realise that the products we use, with patterns or artwork must have come from somewhere.

Read more   about me and my abstract paintings and how you can get them on leggings, and other items,   right here  .

So Art is my business not just a hobby. Its not just about creating art but also about making a living. I don't want or plan to be a struggling Artist because there are too many avenues available to help us live off of our art. I don't plan to limit myself to Trinidad alone. I want to be international.

This world is no longer restricted to where you live. We now, through technology live all over the world. So I believe technology is for us and if you use it properly and ethucally you can gain tremendously and have fun while using it.

Thanks guys. Thats all for now, Check you again soon and have a blessed week. My recent abstract:

Acrylic Abstract - Aqua Waves

See how this abstract looks on leggings. The Aqua Waves leggings


  1. How to make money online by Samuel Nygard

  2. Selling Art Online by Dave Conrey

  3. Art Money & Success by Maria Brophy

  4. Turn Your Photographs/ Art into Income by Stephanie Laird.