Social Media...What the Heck!!!!

Your Art isn’t Selling. Check another way to Sell your Art.

Hi everyone....this weekend I spent all my time reading up on how to pull viewers to my website. Goodness.....the amount of things you need to have in place or do.....heavy sigh....but I have to do it all if I want to get my art out there as well as make a living off of it.

I don't want my art to be a hobby. I want my art to be my second business so it has to make money. First off I went on youtube. I have to say you can learn about almost anything on youtube. It is absolutely amazing. I know now that I need to be blogging...which I am : ) I need to be in all the social medias...which I am. I need to be updating my site every week...this I'm not consistent with yet. I also need to up my SEO via my key words on my blog posts and any articles I post on facebook

I didn't know you can pay people online to write your articles and blogs 🤤 hnmmmm. They specialise in placing tbese key words within the blog or article so its picked up by the search engine. And you can pay to get keywords that help people find you when they are searching for  similar items/services and you can also pay to get top key words so that your site pops up first in the listing when they search.

Oh so much to learn and sooooo much to put in place. I'm still trying to understand it all so I can go implement. Some of what I learned I've started but most I still need to do. If you need some of that knowledge go to youtube and type...." how to get people to my site".... loads of videos come up and as I said they are quite enlightening.

One of the books I'm reading Real Artists Don’t Starve by Jeff Goins says some interesting things' like:

"—doing something so small and gradual that it almost looks like you’re doing nothing—often leads to much more sustainable success. You can do extraordinary things when you are patiently persistent."

"In the end, the more cautious entrepreneurs ended up being the more successful ones, whereas the risk takers who quit their jobs early were 33 percent more likely to fail."

 “Good artists copy. Great artists steal.” Picasso

"We create by copying, and as we do, the skill becomes embedded into our memory."

 "When we steal like this, we end up creating a style that is all our own."

 "You are not an artist because you steal. You steal because you are an artist."

These stood out to me because for my 10x10 acrylic pieces I sell at markets most of the ideas come from different sites and pics that I see and I would change them up a bit. My large abstracts and my 9x12 abstracts started off with me trying to follow Michael Lang's style but instead I developed my own style and look. My watercolours are totally influenced by things I see and have a deep urge to paint based totally on my personal watercolour style.

Initially I felt that seeing a piece and expanding on it was not a good thing but I've since learned that its when you copy others work and pass it off as yours....that is a problem but if you change it around or even improve on it then that is different. Artists learn and get inspired by each other and especially so from the masters. This book revealed what allot of the other books I've read. 

 "In other words, we create not in isolation but with the influence of others around us."

 "....I call this the Rule of Re-creation, which says that you are not born an artist. You become one."

So to end. You become what you believe you are. You don't have to be born into it. Therefore.......... I am an artist.

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