How Do I Create A Piece?

3 Easy steps to paint an abstract painting. Simple for any beginner.

Hi everyone.'ll realise that I am posting a few blogs all in one day, because I have Rebranded and as a result I've developed this new website, so I am sharing a few of my blogs from my old website. So let me talk about what's happening with me. I have 2 Group Exhibitions to prepare for. One I already have pieces for, but for the second, although I have possible pieces I decided to paint 2 additional pieces and then I will make my choice. So here goes...


I usually have an idea in my mind of what colours I want to use and what patterns I see on the canvas. I dont know what it will look like in the end but I have an idea of how I would like it to look. If its a geometric piece then I draw out the shapes in pencil and with a ruler or whatever I have that will give me a circle or the shape I want. Then I paint the canvas with the colours chosen. 


Start painting but make sure that the colours are not opposites on the colour wheel or it will turn muddy. Paint the entire canvas with swiping strokes, up and down strokes and x strokes dipping your brush from one colour to the next. Even if brush strokes sbiw that's OK because its an abstract and that will be civered later and will add to the 3D effect. You can even sprinkle clean drops of water on the canvas while it is still wet. Then take a paper towel and mop up the water droplets. Pat it dry dont drag the paper towel, simply lay it over the canvas then  pat the top gently. Remove the paper towel and behold. The paper towel removes the paint but leaves really nice patterns. Or place bubble wrap on the canvas, press lightly while the paint is still damp. It leaves the bubble imprint. Let it dry.



Now its time to outline the edges of the different shapes in whatever dark colour you have. I use burnt umber or a watery black. This is what mine looks like at this point:

Continue outlining the shapes then the next phase is adding some more colour to the piece. When I have completed that part I will show you, but for now I am off to continue or finish off this piece. 

So guys that's all for now. I will share pics of phase 3 as soon as I complete it and then phase 4 which is the "touch up" phase. Check you soon and have a great week.