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Hi everyone. This is phase 3 and 4 of my process from my last post about How I create a Piece. 


Just to recap. You would have drawn the pattern, painted the canvas in the colour you wanted, then outlined the edge of the different shapes in black or a dark colour. Dont let the outline get too wide. If it gets wide then make sure it gets lighter in colour as you move away from the edge. This creates a shadow effect at the edge of the shapes.


Now you can chose a colour that contrasts with your piece. Check your colour wheel if you're unsure. Now choose 3-4 parts of different sections of the different shapes and paint it that contrasting colour. You can try the clean water splattering on these contrasting sections or try splattering paint on these sections. Clean up any areas where splatter may have spread as you only want those areas with the contrasting colour to be splatteted. On the edges of the shapes you can pass the dark paint again if the edges look faded. So...thats it.....You've basically completed your piece. YEA!!!!!!WELL DONE!!! See my End Result below. 

If you try this, send me pics of how yours looks. Email me at or contact me through my old, until I get my new domain..... I Would love to see them. Good luck and most of all enjoy yourself. Remember...."There are no mistakes, only creative touches."

Finally, I have to decide which view is most captivating? Placing it vertically or horizontally?  Thats the thing with abstracts. You paint it in one position but it can look even better upside down or that....but when I've decided only then can I sign my piece.

SO...Later guys, love you all and check you next week. Check me on instagram at _gafra_ (formerly gfran_triniartstudio)   I will be posting a few more new pieces SOON...I'm returning to my Watercolours soon!

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A book with my watercolour pieces and their story.