My Art

Art is an amazing outlet. Let me share mine with you.

Hi Guys, this is one of my pieces. So what's the story behind this piece called "Gran Couva Huts"? Well, ever so often my husband and I go for a drive into a semi country area where there is this estate or garden center that sells plants. On the way you pass these huts that once formed part of an old plantation. The people who worked on this plantation lived in these huts. Even today there are still a few families that live in one or two of them.

I wanted to give you a preview into my art and what types of stories will come along with them. For this piece, the huts themselves and how they looked captured my attention. They had a sense of history about them seeing as they are in Gran Couva, a place known for having the finest cocoa in the world. This is due to the soil and the climate converging to create a cocoa that makes the best chocolate ever. I work in Watercolour. After taking the photo I then render it  and maybe a few days later I start painting. I leave it to look at it for a few days to decide if it needs to be tweeked, then I'm done. So Trini lovers bye for now, we will chat again soon.

Gail Circular.png

Hi I’m Gafra