My Debut into Blogging


My Debut into Blogging. So many things to share and so much to learn. It is fun.


Hello Everyone,

I'm finally starting up a blogggg!!!. Why? Because everyone's doing it...HaHa... no that's not why. I've finally found a way to share my thoughts with others and to talk about my country and share that with you out there. My home country of Trinidad and Tobago is an amazing place with amazing people. We're a twin Island off the  north east tip of Venezuela. No we're not part of Venezuela. Please don't get confused, google us.

I also wanted a medium to share my art which depicts the different things about Trinidad that captures my attention. From the simple things like trafficjams to the nicer things like our beautiful vegetation, such as bamboo, that surrounds me. I'll mention our food and events of course but my art will be my introduction into the story or blog for that day. So thanks a lot Wordpress and all you wonderful people who take an interest in my blog. I say welcome!!! And Later!!!!