My Final Story

The last parts of my story.

The last parts of my story. on to part 3 and the final bits about me. How do I spend my time? Well I have 4 kids and I always find myself running around either picking up one of them or dropping one of them somewhere. I also run a Leadership Development Business with my husband so most of my day is spent coaching Executives. Then at the end of the day I go walking with a friend for exercise or I will go home and paint. I also do the gym in the morning with the huzzy......yuh gotta do what yuh gotta do to stay healthy

I paint whenever I get any free time which is normally in the evenings or on weekends. I also book and do a few upmarkets on the weekends. My art is my second business so I spend a lot of free time trying to become more visible to my customers. I also plan my own Personal Exhibition at least once every 2 years or I join group exhibitions as well. I've done about 2 group exhibitions this year so far and I had my own small exhibition in May.


When we start approaching the Carnival season then I spend time attending company parties and my husband and I play jouvert. On Carnival Monday and Tuesday we tend to relax.

Christmas is a favourite tine for me. Although my kids are big I still love putting out gifts under the tree for everyone and I love when they open them after breakfast and sit around laughing and teasing each other. Best time ever. 



This is the upmarket venue....NAPA




A view of my table at the most recent upmarket I attended.


My 4 kids. Their ages go from 27 to 23.


A piece completed for the market.

I enjoyed sharing with you all. Go check my new affiliation to Society6/gafra and Redbubble/gafra  


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