How Much is Art Worth?

How Much is Art Worth to us?

How Much is Art Worth to us?

Hi Everyone...I have to vere off of sharing more about me to talk about the market I did this weekend. It was well attended and there were A LOT OF VENDORS. I sold one piece but I felt a little low after, because again I see how little art is appreciated. People love your work but.. ....mainly the ladies went after the jewelry and most don't see or understand how valuable Art really is. The gentleman who bought my piece was an Art lover and understood this. Most don't.

Its hard out there especially with the large number of artists in this country. How do you stand out and how do you get seen. How do you get customers to buy? I'm beginning to realise that the markets are not truly the way to be seen, I thought it was but it isn't. Many people take my card but never call. It means you need to find a way to get the contact info on the persons who show interest then start to build a relationship with them and send them your work to build interest. People who know you buy from you not strangers.

No artist wants their work to pile up, unseen, unappreciated, unsold. So what do I do?

 I want to sell my large pieces and I learned from my last Exhibition/Pop Up Shop that to be able to sell my large pieces, Upmarkets are not the way. So I am going the route of the Quarterly Exhibition. I am planning two or three next year and it will feature all of my pieces (yes I changed my mind on showing my large pieces only). I will invite guests formally to my opening and make it a special event. I want it to be different from the usual exhibition...but I can be lazy and I hate organising events so I just might hire someone to bring my ideas to life.  Lets see how that goes.... : )  Ahhhhh. So I've said my piece and now I feel much better.....thanks for listening...or should I say reading my vent. I'll check you guys next week or maybe I'll complete my sharing about myself this week...who knows.  Heres a pic from the market I attended this weekend. Hope you like it.


Pic of Table.jpg

As I close this post I want to leave something for you. A Gift. Take a chance and be surprised by what I’ve left for you. Take it from me you can definitely use this in your life. ENJOY!!!

See you at my next post.