Who is GaFra? Part 3

Hi Everyone..... so I talked about when I was young and I grew up around dobermans and I explained how we celebrate Jouvert and Carnival. In this post I’ll talk about my time at the Bank where I worked. After getting my degree I returned as a Teller to the Branch in Arima but my supervisor told me to let the Manager of the Bank know that my qualifications had changed. So in her office I informed her that I now had my degree, she immediately called the HR manager and told them to place me in a higher position immediately and by the end of the week I was moved to their IBCT program where they prepared young people for the world of work and they would hire them straight into the bank based on their performance and the Teacher’s recommendations (mine) .

I taught all the business areas. it was great I always remember one student in particular, Randal. He would sit at my desk and just relax while I did my work then Trevor and dean would join him and there would be laughter and “kicks”. Very good days. It’s always great when I meet some of these students today and they are either married with their own families, or have their own businesses or just doing very well. They tend to remember some of the things I said to them and it would be funny when they mimic me

After the IBCT program i was moved to Roytec and there I discovered my ability to design and deliver any program that was required by the Bank. I taught from Strategic Planning, Customer Service, and much more. You never know you true abilities until you are sometimes pushed to pull those abilities out of you. Those were great days and I had some amazing students.

Having coconut water around the savannah. gafra.org

Lets talk about what I do with my free time. I tend to lime with my husband around the savannah and as seen in the photo i love a cold coconut water and then ate the jelly after. l also walk the savannah and Chancellor as well as exercise is necessary and I try to stay fit.

I’ve also started doing some kettlebell exercises because as you get older and as a woman it’s very hard to lose weight, it keeps adding on and no matter what you do the weight comes on but this exercise using the kettlebell is the only one that has helped me to lose 7-8 pounds within a 2 week period. If you want to know more check out my post about this at my Health and Wellness post at my www.triniartstudio.org site. I wrote a whole post on some of the exercises I’ve done and people they work.

OK this post will be short I have to hustle to go help my mom so I will post later this week on Thursday. Have a great week everyone, talk soon.

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Hi! I’m Gafra

Hi, I'm Gail known as Gafra. Learn more about me. I'm an Artist, Business Owner, coach, blogger, wife, mother to 4, and a friend to many.

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