Who is GaFra? Part 4

Hi everyone…. I want to talk a little bit more about who I am and what I do. I loved school and after High School I completed my Degree in Social Science and I returned to the Banking. After being the Business Instructor at the Bank’s School for School Leavers I was placed in the Bank’s Training Division. There I designed and delivered any program the Bank sold to its external customers, because the Bank expanded its Training Division to customers like Trinidad’s Utility Ministries, A Beer Company and others.

I enjoyed this because now I trained not just the Bank staff but individuals from different companies throughout Trinidad. I did that for a few years then I was asked to Co-ordinate the Degree program for Teachers. Around that time my husband was offered a job in Curacao and we decided to take up the opportunity. While there I set up a Training Business with another Successful Business Owner who always wanted to have a Training Arm added to his Company. I designed, created and delivered Computer Training to companies in Curacao. That was fun. Here I was teaching Word, Excel, Powerpoint to staffers who spoke Dutch and I didn’t. Yes…I had a translator and they also spoke English.

The business did well and i also set up a training program for Children learning computing programs but in a fun way for children. For this I hired someone and it was wonderful to see these children learn and have fun. We returned to Trinidad because my husband missed Trinidad and we didn’t receive some of the things promised. When we returned I was called by the Bank once again, then I left the bank because I didn’t like creating programs like a production line, not following up or ensuring a change in behaviour with my participants. I encountered a different type of coaching that blew my mind and i learned the process, went to a conference where I loved all that I heard and I returned, bought my License to practice the process and I’ve been coaching in Leadership since 2000.

I love my participants but I use Art as the means to rejuvenate myself. Coaching can be very draining and you have to find a way to get back that energy and spirit. I do that via my Art….painting releases the psychological toxins that I injest when in contact with individuals who carry around a lot of hurts. My role is to help others be better at what they do…manage staff as well as help them have a better life by becoming the best them or going after what they need and want.


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